by Thomas Banyacya

It is in the power of the true Hopi to
unify the minds and spirits of all true peace
seeking peoples of the earth.

'Hopi' means 'peaceful people,' and the
truest and greatest power, the strength of
peace, is the will of the Great Spirit.

Do not think that just because the true
Hopi have been told by the Great
Spirit never to take up arms, that the true
Hopi will not fight, even die for what
we know to be the right way of life.

The true Hopi know how to fight
without killing or hurting.

The true Hopi know how to fight with
Truth and Positive Force in the light of
the Great Spirit

The true Hopi know how to show to all the
world's children the true way of life by
example, by working and communicating in ways
that reach the minds and hearts of all
people who are truly seeking the way of a
simple and spiritual life, which is the only
life that will survive.

The true Hopi preserves the sacred knowledge
about the way of the earth, because the true
Hopi knows that the earth is a living and
growing person, and all things on it are her

The true Hopi know how to show the
right way of life to all the world's people
who have ears to listen, who have eyes to
see, and who have hearts to understand
these things.

The true Hopi know how to generate enough
power to link up the forces of the minds and
spirits of all the true Children of the
earth, and to unify them with the Positive
Force and the Great Spirit, so that they may
put an end to affliction and persecution in
all afflicted places of this world.

The true Hopi declare that Hopi power be a
force which will bring about world change.

We believe that all things are alive, and
that they hear and understand us.

The Hopi live on a barren land, but we
believe that we were led there by the spirit
"Maasauu". Our role is to preserve certain
knowledge for all mankind - the knowledge
necessary for the understanding and
preservation of all Nations. "

Thomas Banyacya,
Interpreter for the Traditional Hopi People