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January 18, 2014
Mato Little Elk Wells
New Mexico
I'm looking for a friend her last name is masawiestewa can someone please translate for me I would be grateful thank you for your time

November 27, 2013
Vancouver, WA
Warm greeting, is there any further word from the elders considering the 9th sign? The Blue Star has been identified by some as ISON and tomorrow will pass by the closest to earth. Is the Fukushima disaster part of the 9th sign? With sincere respect, Linnea

November 15, 2013
Tony Williamson
Brisbane, Australia
TO Redhawk of Gallup, New Mexico on July 30th, 2011. Yes, John 14. 15~16 A great quote.

November 4, 2013
Dion Anderson
Brookings Oregon
Amazing and very eye opening teachings, I live it and want more, I moved my family to the coast to get away from the greedand corruption, I just want to live simple and natural. However today's world does not accept this. There are laws preventing you from hunting, fishing, even foraging. Help...

September 13, 2013
Dear readers, I like to know if the Moqui marbles just can be used by me to help others. Or do i have to ask for permission to the shaman or tribe elders? Im from Holland and dont want to just use someone else his/her energy or do something with the marbles without permission. Arie